How to fix or customize metadata

By default, VideoDrive will show you the metadata found online for your movies and TV Shows. If the metadata is incorrect, enter the correct movie title or TV Show name, and click "Search again" to retrieve the right info.

Tip: For movie search to work, the production year needs to be correct. If you don't know the exact production year, leave the year field blank. For TV Shows, don't forget the correct season and episode number, if those are missing.

Next, you can edit any metadata field or even replace the proposed artwork by dragging another image on the artwork preview. You can also browse to the correct title on IMDb and click "Copy Browser" to extract the relevant metadata. If you surf to a (non-embedded) image (JPEG or PNG) and click "Copy Browser" the image will be downloaded and used as artwork.


When you're happy with the result, click "Accept" to save the metadata to the video file. VideoDrive will also save your metadata and artwork customisations for future imports. So if you reimport the same movie or another episode of the same TV Show, VideoDrive will remember the previously assigned metadata and artwork.

Example: Say you are importing an episode of the TV Show Suits, but you assign metadata of the Walking Dead to it (don't do this unless you want to be surprised when watching your shows). The next time you import an episode of Suits, VideoDrive will automatically assume it's the Walking Dead. This process works by taking the movie name or TV Show name from the file name, clean it for unwanted fragments (such as adverts, dots, dashes,...) and compare that name to previously imported titles. If you want to erase this link, enter the correct TV Show or movie name and click the button "Reset Match" to search online again without taking previous matches into account.

To permanently erase all your metadata customisations, go to the metadata tab on VideoDrive Preferences and click "Reset Matches". If you don't want to save your customisations to begin with, uncheck "Save user made customisations for reuse".

If the metadata proposed by VideoDrive is wrong (and sometimes it can be very wrong depending on the file name, spelling, production year, variations of the same TV Show series, ...), you can click "Report issue" to let us know about the problem. If relevant, we'll contact you back, but rest assured we check all reports even if you don't get a reply from us.

Finally, if you don't find any matching metadata for a given video and you don't want to assign any metadata to it, click the "Reject" button. Then, the video will be added to iTunes without any metadata. And clicking the "Cancel All" button will immediately abort the import of all video files.



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