No images added to videos


No images are being added to videos when importing or tagging videos with VideoDrive 3.3 using online metadata.



Version 3.4 fixes this issue. You can download this update from our downloads page.






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    Greg Larson

    Will this problem ever be fixed. I am force to use iFlicks right now, I don't like it as much but it does the proper artwork every time. It also does a better job of categorizing the movies.

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    Hi Greg, Version 3.4 will fix the error and re-introduce automatic downloading of artwork. Additionally, square artwork for TV Shows is being introduced.

    Beta 5 of version 3.4 is available now, and is considered stable enough to upgrade. You can download this version from our downloads page:

    It also introduces a new matching algorithm so hopefully movie matching will be improved as well. If a video is mismatched, you can always drop us a line or use the in-app issue report system. 

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