VideoDrive version 3.4 for Sierra closed

Update: The beta program for VideoDrive 3.4 is now closed. You can download the latest version of VideoDrive for macOS Sierra from our download page.

Try version 3.4 beta, the next release of VideoDrive. This new version includes many performance improvements, bug fixes and will enhance the way TV Shows are handled:

- square artwork for TV Shows (!)
- a new parser to analyse file names to improve detection TV Show episodes
- online metadata for TV Shows based on air dates
- much faster downloads of online metadata
- metadata customisations are automatically saved
- support for OS X Notification Center|
- etc.


Download the latest version of VideoDrive

Release Notes

Beta versions of VideoDrive require a valid license for VideoDrive 3. Also, beta versions are not digitally signed. When running a beta version for the first time, a security warning will appear. To avoid this, right-click VideoDrive and choose 'Open'. In the warning that will appear, you can now choose to Open VideoDrive. This warning will not appear anymore the next time you open VideoDrive. 

You can keep the latest stable version and beta versions of VideoDrive together on the same OS X installation and switch between them. Just don't run them at the same time as they share the same preferences and settings.

Please report any issues or suggestions so we can improve VideoDrive by opening a ticket. 




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