Applescript support

You can easily add videos to the import queue of VideoDrive with Applescript. AppleScript is a scripting language that makes possible direct control of scriptable applications and of many parts of the Mac OS. This way, you can build your own powerful applications and workflows. 
The first line of the following script adds new videos to the import queue while the second line will start importing the videos. Your current VideoDrive settings apply, so make sure they are set correctly before running the script.
tell application "VideoDrive" to set contents of text field "AutoParameters" of window "MainWindow" to newVideos
tell application "VideoDrive" to tell button "AutoImportButton" of window "MainWindow" to perform action

As an example, the following simple applescript will ask you to select a file and then it will launch VideoDrive and queue the video and start importing:

set newVideos to choose file
set newVideos to newVideos as string
tell application "VideoDrive"
  set contents of text field "AutoParameters" of window "MainWindow" to newVideos
  tell button "AutoImportButton" of window "MainWindow" to perform action
end tell

As you can see in the code above, the only tricky part is that the variable newVideos needs to be string containing the full path of the video you want to queue. If you want to queue multiple videos at once, you should put a semicolon between each file path. Also, VideoDrive does not like single quotes, double quotes and semicolons in paths.

Please post  your experiences and workflow needs in the comments so we can further assist you and help others that might want to try similar scenarios.


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