Legacy - How to add subtitles to videos

This article applies to VideoDrive 2.x and is no longer relevant for VideoDrive 3.x


VideoDrive does support subtitles for AppleTV, iPhone, iPad and iTunes. 

1) Make sure to use import method 5 to 8 in VideoDrive
2) Provide subtitles as SRT files and make sure they have the exact same name as the video file. For instance MyMovie.avi and
3) Use HandBrake or Elgato Turbo.264 as the conversion tool (go to the import tab in Preferences to change this setting)

Tip: if you use HandBrake as the conversion tool, the subtitles can be listed as “Undetermined” in iTunes and iOS. To avoid this, you should specify you are adding Bulgarian subtitles. To do this, add “—srt-lang BUL” to the HandBrake parameter field (Import tab in Preferences). You only have to do this once. (Replace BUL with the first characters of any other language if necessary).

After importing a video in iTunes, you can access the videos on your AppleTV. On your AppleTV go to Computers, choose the mac with the right iTunes library and select the movie. To enable the subtitles, hold the centre button of the remote. An option menu will appear on your television screen where you can choose to show subtitles.

New: automatic subtitles

Please update to VideoDrive 2.8 and enable support for the Subtitles app by clicking “File -> Install supported tools". This will enable automatic downloading of subtitles in the language of your choice during the video import process.


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