Automatically sync videos to iOS devices

After you have added new videos to iTunes with VideoDrive, it's easy to sync them automatically to your iPhone or iPad.
You need to follow these steps only once:


Step 1 - Configure VideoDrive

On the VideoDrive 3 main window, choose the iTunes tab and check both options:

  • Add videos to Playlist: will create a new iTunes playlist and add all new movies and TV Shows to it
  • After finishing Start iTunes sync with devices: will sync iTunes with your iPhone and/or iPad


Step 2 - Configure iTunes

Make sure iTunes knows about your iPhone and iPad:

  • If you haven't done so, connect your iPhone or iPad by cable to your Mac. You will get a question on your iPhone or iPad if you want to trust the computer. Click Trust. On your Mac, click Continue. You need to do this only once.
  • In iTunes 12, your iPhone or iPad will pop up in the top bar. Select it, and enable the option "Sync with this iPhone/iPad over Wifi". Click Apply (or Sync) in the right bottom corner.



Screenshot of iTunes 12


Step 3 - Choose your media

All that is left to do, is tell iTunes which movies and TV Shows to copy:

  • Movies: After selecting your iPhone/iPad in iTunes 12, click 'Movies' in the 'Settings' side bar. Check the option "Sync Movies" and scroll all the way down to "Include Movies from Playlists". Select the playlist you have created with VideoDrive. 
  • TV Shows: After selecting your iPhone/iPad in iTunes 12, click 'TV Shows' in the 'Settings' side bar. Check the option "Sync TV Shows" and select the TV shows you want to watch on your iPhone or iPad.

Done! As soon as new movies or TV Show episodes are imported with VideoDrive, they will be synced over wifi to your iPhone and iPad. Just make sure your device is on the same wireless network.


This article applies to VideoDrive 3 and iTunes 12. The same setup is possible with earlier versions of VideoDrive and iTunes, but the options may be located elsewhere. For instance, the required settings in VideoDrive are located on the General tab of Preferences.


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