Legacy - How to manually install HandBrake

This article applies to VideoDrive 3.0 and 3.1 and is no longer maintained. There is an updated article for VideoDrive 3.2 and higher.


HandBrake is an open-source tool offering fast and reliable conversions. You can install this tool by clicking VideoDrive in the menu bar and selecting “Install Supported Tools”. Go to the HandBrake tab and click "Install". An administrator password is required to download and install the required components.

Manual installation: if automatic installation fails, you can easily download HandBrake from the HandBrake website. Make sure to download the HandBrakeCLI (Command Line Interface) version for Mac. You need to move the downloaded file to the /usr/bin folder (this system folder is hidden by default on OS X). You can test if installation has been succesful by opening Terminal and typing HandBrakeCL followed by clicking ENTER. If the error 'command not found' is displayed, installation was not successful. Otherwise, you're good to go. In VideoDrive, click the Refresh button on the Conversions tab of Preferences to scan for HandBrake.

Note for Pro users: You can pass optional parameters to HandBrake in the import tab of VideoDrive Preferences. The guide of all HandBrake parameters can be used as reference. If you wish to overwrite the default output parameter, you need to include the --e or --encode parameter. Also, you are not allowed to alter the file extension.

Logging: In case something goes wrong, a detailed activity log of the latest HandBrake conversion can be consulted in the  file ‘VideoDrive_HandBrake.log’ in the Console of Mac OS X. The Console is located in the Applications/Utilities folder.

Subtitles: If you have an SRT subtitle file together with the same name as the video file name (i.e. MovieA.avi and in the same folder, subtitles will be automatically included in the converted file. You can specify the subtitle language  on the Subtitles tab in the main window. 


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