Free download: Videodrive Metadata Refresher

Sometimes, iTunes forgets the metadata and artwork of your media tracks (music, movies, TV Shows). As a result, your library looks incomplete with missing thumbnails and/or descriptions.

Once you play the track, iTunes reads the metadata from the file, updates the library and everything looks fine again.

If you have a big library, it can take a long time to play all your tracks. In that case, download and run the VideoDrive Metadata Refresher Tool. It works for your movies and TV Shows, as well as your music collection.


Download: VideoDrive Metadata Refresher 1.0  (zip file, only for macOS)



- VideoDrive Metadata Refresher does not look up new metadata. It only reads the metadata already embedded in your media files and provides them to iTunes.

- In some cases, VideoDrive Metadata Refresher, will not be able to refresh the metadata. For instance, when your media is stored on a network server, iTunes might still ignore the metadata until you manually start to play the media.



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