Tips for slow conversions

speed_fast.pngVideo conversions may take a long time. While HandBrake and Elgato Turbo.264 are faster than QuickTime, it can still take a couple of hours to convert a big video file or when you have an older mac.

Some tips:

  • Let VideoDrive do its job while your away from your Mac. Launch VideoDrive with a couple of videos in the queue and set it to go to sleep after it finishes to save power. This option is available on the general tab of the preferences panel.

  • Don’t convert compatible files: If you import MP4, M4V or MOV videos, you do not have to reconvert them. If you want VideoDrive to not touch those videos, check the option “Import compatible videos directly” on the main window.

  • Enable Remuxing: it’s possible your videos are in H.264 format while being stored in an incompatible container (most likely MKV). In that case, VideoDrive can copy the video and move it inside a compatible M4V container, without lengthy reconversions. For this, enable the option “Remux compatible H.264 tracks” on the Conversion tab of Preferences.

  • Don’t convert twice. If you obtain videos from a DVD or other sources using other tools, make sure they are directly in the H.264 format as additional reconversions will degrade video quality. 


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