Using the metadata editor

This article applies to VideoDrive 3.0 until 3.4 and is no longer maintained as the Metadata Editor has been removed from VideoDrive 3.5. You can now easily edit metadata and browse online for matching metadata from the metadata confirmation window.


If you want full control over the information that is added to your videos, you can use the Metadata Editor. Choose 'Use the Metadata Editor" and click the ‘Metadata Editor’ button on the main window (on the Metadata tab). Add all information for the videos you are about to import or tag in iTunes. Note that all videos you are going to add will end up with the same data (except for their name of course). 

You can save a group of settings as a Preset so you can re-use them later. 


Video kind Add videos to the Movies, TV Shows or Music Videos section of iTunes

Show Name of the TV Show. Note that also movies can have a show name.

Season Season number

Episode Episode number

Year Production year

Automatic season and episode numbering With this option enabled, your video files will be numbered according to how they are arranged in Finder. Each new subfolder is seen as a new season, and each video file as a new episode. They are numbered according to their alphabetical order in Finder. For instance, a video named ‘Lost S2E5.avi’ will only be numbered as season 2, episode 5, if it is the fifth video in the second folder it encounters.

Restart episode numbering for each season Specify if each season will start with episode 1

Include season numbering in show name Include the season number in the show name so they are listed separately in iTunes. As a result of enabling this option, each season will be listed as a completely different show.


Video name

Include episode number Include the episode number in the video name. With this option, each episode will be named label #number - episode name (e.g. Episode 1 - How it all started).

Include file name Include the name of the file in the video name

Clean up file name This option will automatically clean out any unwanted fragments.

Include text include an additional label in the video name



Set video artwork Add an image to your videos. Click the ‘Select Image’ button to choose an image from your computer or drag one on the preview window. You cannot drag artwork directly from the browser: drag it your desktop first.



Genre Movies and TV Shows in iTunes can be classified according to their genre

Tagline A Short description shown next to videos in list view in iTunes

Description Full description of the video



Search Online Add the URL of an online source ( Specify the link to the metadata you wish to add to your videos. Note that this will overwrite the genre and descriptions of the other tabs, and in case of TV Shows also the show name. 



Additional note: The settings you enter in the metadata editor can also be re-used when you are searching online for metadata.  This is particularly useful when adding the episodes of the same TV show over time and VideoDrive keeps on misidentifying them. Or you want to add TV Show episodes with specific artwork. To do this, save your desired settings as a preset. And enable the option to "Try to match metadata presets" on the Metadata tab of Preferences..When importing new videos, VideoDrive will first try to match video file names with the preset names before starting online searching of descriptions and artwork. If a match is found, the preset is applied. 


This article applies to VideoDrive 3.0 until 3.4.


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