Legacy - Keep your videos on multiple disks

The article is for VideoDrive 2

Your main hard disk is full and  you wish to keep your videos on an external disk? There are two ways to achieve this:


Scenario 1 - Only store your videos on an external disk

In this scenario, you only keep your video files on the external disk, while keeping your actual library and other media files such as music on the main drive. As such, the external disk only needs to be plugged in while watching videos. For this, make sure you select ‘other folder or drive’ as the target location on the ‘File Location’ tab of Videodrive preferences. All your videos will be moved there when imported with VideoDrive, regardless of the chosen import method. 


Important: Make sure the option to ‘Copy files to iTunes media folder when adding to library’ is unchecked. This option is located in the iTunes preferences, under the Advanced tab. By unchecking it, you make sure iTunes does not make a second copy of those big video files.

What to do if your disk gets full?

If one day, your disk is full, simply add a second one, and point VideoDrive to that disk. Or if you wish to move everything over to the new bigger disk, do the following:

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Copy all your video files to your new disk (keep the exact same folder structures!)
  3. Change the name of your old disk: e.g. "backup" 
  4. Disconnect your old disk
  5. Rename your new disk to the EXACT same name of your old disk
  6. Launch iTunes

 This will work regardless of the chosen import method. Even if you have chosen import method 1 or 2, your reference files will not break.



Scenario 2 - Move your entire iTunes library to another disk

In this scenario you wish to keep your entire iTunes library and all media files on an external disk. Keep in mind that this external disk needs to be available at all times when launching and using iTunes. To set up this scenario, goto iTunes Preferences, click on the Advanced tab and click the ‘Change’ button to set a new iTunes media folder location. 

  • You can copy your existing media files (music, videos, apps, podcasts, ...) to this location by consolidating your iTunes library. Go to the File menu in iTunes, choose ‘Library’, next ‘Organize library’ and check ‘Consolidate Files’. Note that iTunes will copy (not move) your files over.
  • When adding new videos files with VideoDrive, make sure you select ‘iTunes media folder’ as the target location on the ‘File Location’ tab of Videodrive preferences. Always use one of import methods 3 until 9. 


Important: Import methods 1 and 2 are not compatible with this scenario as these methods are designed to keep your videos outside the iTunes media library.

What to do if your disk gets full?

You have two options here: the first is to switch over to scenario 1, and start adding new videos files to a new external disk, while keeping the old ones on their original location. Your second option to move your entire iTunes library to the new disk by pointing iTunes to the new drive and consolidating again following the steps described above in scenario 2.









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