Setting the subtitle language

Subtitles.pngThis article applies to VideoDrive 2.x and is no longer relevant for VideoDrive 3.x


VideoDrive can automatically download subtitle tracks for your videos by communicating with the Subtitles App. Make sure to check the option “Search online for matching subtitles” on the Metadata tab of Preferences. If that option is greyed out, click the Install button first.

To choose which languages to search for, click the Set button. You can choose a maximum 2 languages. If subtitles are found, they will be downloaded as SRT-files. (1)

If you already have matching SRT-files for your video, keep them in the same folder as the video and make sure they have the same name (e.g. mymovie.avi and In that case, VideoDrive will not search online for new subtitles.

During the import process, VideoDrive will include your subtitles in the iTunes video (2). 

In iTunes or on iOS click the subtitle button in the playback bar to show or hide the subtitles. As a current limitation, VideoDrive cannot determine the language of each individual subtle file. Therefore, the subtitles are displayed as ‘Undetermined’. To fix this, add the following code to the HandBrake Parameter field on the import tab of Preferences. 


--srt-lang fra, eng, spa, etc


where fra indicates French, Eng is English, Spa is Spanish, etc. This workaround will be resolved in a future version of VideoDrive.


(1) When tagging iTunes videos already in iTunes, VideoDrive 2.8.04 will no longer attempt to download subtitles for them. 

(2) In case you are importing MP4 files, make sure Subler is installed on your system for this to work as this requires to remux your MP4 file with the SRT file. You can automatically download and configure Subler: click VideoDrive in the menu bar and choose ‘Install Supported Tools…'

Note: the info described in this article only applies when selecting HandBrake as the conversion tool on the Import tab of Preferences.



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