Legacy - How to switch to 32 bit-mode iTunes

This article applies to VideoDrive 2.x and is no longer relevant for VideoDrive 3.x


Running iTunes in 64 bit mode will limit playback of non-native videos because iTunes relies on QuickTime, which is only available in 32 bit mode. You can resolve this issue by switching iTunes to 32 bit mode. There are no limitations when running iTunes in 32 bit mode, and you can always switch back to 64 bit if you wish to do so.

However, as MacOSX 10.9 does not support this solution anymore, please use import method 5-8 instead.


Step 1: Quit iTunes

Step 2: Locate iTunes in your Applications folder and right-click it. 

Step 3: Select "Get Info" from the context menu. 

Step 4: Enable the check box "Open in 32-bit mode" 

Step 5: Restart iTunes. 




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