Automatic tagging of movies

By default, all videos added to iTunes will be categorized as movies. The name of the movie is taken from the file name. Next, the name will be cleaned (if the option ‘clean file and folder names’ is checked) and used to browse for additional metadata online (if the ‘Search Online’ options are checked) . If your file or folder names are heavily polluted it is possible that VideoDrive will identify the movie incorrectly and retrieve the wrong metadata. To address this, enable the option to ‘ask confirmation before saving information found online’ on the main window. When all videos are imported and online information is retrieved, VideoDrive will present you with the found information where you have to ability to accept, reject, edit or search again.


VideoDrive may have trouble finding the exact metadata for your video. This may happen for a number of reasons:

  • The movie is known internationally under different titles.
  • The movie has several sequels, with very similar names.
  • Your file name misspells the movie title or is polluted with unwanted fragments.
  • The wrong production year of the movie is included in the file name.
  • etc.


If the wrong result is suggested, you can re-enter the the movie title (and optionally the year) and click Search Again. If you don’t know the production year, leave it blank. It’s better to have no year then the wrong year. If VideoDrive still produces the wrong result, do the following:

  1. Click ‘Report Issue’ to notify us about the problem, so we can fix this in a future update.
  2. Surf with your browser to the right page with your movie info and click ‘Copy Browser’ in VideoDrive.


Did you know that VideoDrive can also automatically identify TV Shows and episodes?


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