iTunes is running in 64 bits


This article applies to VideoDrive 2.x and is no longer relevant for VideoDrive 3


When running VideoDrive on MacOS X 10.8 and higher, you may see an error that iTunes is running in 64 bit. This occurs when you attempt to import a video in iTunes with import method 1 until 4. 



For videos that are not natively supported by iTunes (AVI, MKV, FLV, WMV, …), iTunes relies on the QuickTime framework to play these videos. However, QuickTime is currently 32 bit while iTunes is 64 bit, and as a result the videos can no longer by played from within iTunes. Therefore, VideoDrive prohibits to import these videos with import methods 1 until 4 unless you switch iTunes back to 32 bit.

It is unknown if Apple will release a 64 bit version of QuickTime in a future version of OS X. If not, import methods 1 until 4 will be gradually phased out.


Solution 1

Run iTunes in 32 bit mode by following these steps. Your videos will play fine. In OS X Mavericks, Apple has disabled to option to run iTunes in 32 bit. In that case, refer to solution 2.


Solution 2

Try importing the videos with import method 5 until 8. Your videos will be converted to native iTunes videos. 



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